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The Erie Yacht Club has a long history of yacht racing as evidenced by the many trophies in our display case. One of the most prestigious is the Annette Cup that was established in 1907 shortly after the formation and incorporation of the EYC. Previously, yacht racing on Lake Erie had spawned the formation of the Inter Lake Yachting Association in 1885. The annual regatta competition and camaraderie brought on by ILYA racing provided one of the many reasons for forming a yacht club in Erie. Since its inception in 1895, Erie Yacht Club racers have competed at the ILYA’s annual regatta at Put-in Bay, Ohio as well as others throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Erie Yacht Club hosted the ILYA Regatta in 1920 which was so  overwhelmingly successful, the ILYA awarded the Erie Yacht Club a German made chiming ship's bell clock currently displayed in our lounge in appreciation of the EYC's hospitality. Racing continues today with a strong organization and large fleet.

Locally, the fleet has raced under various handicap systems and numerous one design classes over it’s one hundred plus year history. The current organization was formed in the spring of 1992 with a single racing authority using the PHRF-Lake Erie handicap system under the EYCRF banner. The fleet is currently comprised of three divisions; Spinnaker, Family JAM and Jib & Main. The fleet has been skillfully helmed by the volunteer chairmen listed here and their numerous committees since its inception. We owe the positive evolution and success of our fleet to these hardworking leaders. Welcome to the Erie Yacht Club Racing Fleet !

2016 Fleet Officers

2016 Fleet Chair:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2016 Officers and Committee contacts

Notice to Competitors

Spinnaker Division Brier Patch Series races 1 & 2 are rescheduled for Sunday June 5th. 10:00 AM start.
Memorial Day Lighthouse Race.
The approximate location of the Near Shore Weather Buoy for 2016 is: Lat N 42 11.114 Lon W 080’ 08.093 The race distance is 12.08 nm.

Please be advised that there is currently a second buoy adjacent to the Weather Buoy as pictured below. Both buoys are considered marks of the course for this race and must be rounded leaving both buoys to PORT.

The Flag Ship/Race Committee is not expected to be on station at the finish. To be scored, submit the Finish Form fully completed as required in the SI’s.


2016 Events   

  • FEB 9  Social Meeting 7:00PM  Jamie Trost, Tall ship Captain, will update us on the Bayfront Maritime Center's Porcupine restoration project.
  • MAR 15 TUESDAY Social meeting 7:00PM   Tim Jackett, Chief Designer, Chief Operating Officer Tartan Yachts
  • APR 12 TUESDAY Social meeting 7:00PM  Skip Dieball of North Sails will give a go fast presentation.  Congratulations to Skip in winning the Etchells World Championships in Hong Kong last November.
  • APR 17 SUNDAY PHRF-LE Board meeting, General Membership Meeting @ EYC  1:00PM for all PHRF members
  • MAY 11 WEDNESDAY  7:00pm Start of First Race
  • JULY 8  FRIDAY EYC Foundation Raw Bar Fund Raiser @ Rickloff Community Boathouse
  • AUG 13  SATURDAY Ashtabula YC Steak Dinner/Corn roast  6:00 pm 
  • AUG 27  SATURDAY 5:00pm  EYCRF Chairman's Picnic @ EYC Lighthouse
  • SEP 10  SATURDAY  2nd Annual EYCF Wooden Boat Race 
  • NOV 5   SATURDAY 2016 Awards Banquet

Past Racing Fleet Chairs

2016 Alex Miller

2015 Jon Stull
2014 A.J. Ficcardi
2013 Kimberly Yamma
2012 Jon Tushak
2011 Greg Gorny
2010 John Orlando
2009 Tom Madura
2008 P/C Matt Niemic
2007 P/C Ronald Busse
2006 Rick Diz
2005 Russ Thompson

2003-04 P/C Tom Trost
2002 Rick Barner
2000-01 P/C David Amatangelo
1999 Rick Kern
1998 Matt Wolford
1996-97 David Haller
1995 Kit Kershaw
1994 P/C Dave Heitzenrater
1993 John Bloomstine
1992 P/C John Ashby