How Do I Submit an Article to the LOG?

Here’s the “Poop”

on Submitting LOG Articles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.of J.G. Ashby Advertising 

septoct08.jpgI can feel your ”creative juices” flowing with a torrent of fresh new articles coming from new members, old members and members of all ages! I thought it might be helpful to offer you some additional information on what we need from you when you submit your articles in the future.

First lets talk about the different types of articles we utilize in the LOG, the word count restrictions and the number of photographs (with captions ) that need to accompany your article when it is submitted.

Side Stories - word count from 150 and not to exceed 375 with 1 or 2 photographs including“captions in sentence form”.

Caption info is also applicable for all of the following:

  • Short Articles - word count from 500 to 800 with 3 to 5 photographs with captions.
  • Medium Articles - 800 to 1,100 word count with 6 to 8 photographs with captions.
  • Major Articles - 1,100 to 1,600 word count with 6 to 10 photographs with captions.
  • Photo Essays - 80 to 300 word count with 8 to 15 photographs - most photo essays cover events therefore captions are not necessary.

Note: Always submit a greater number of captioned photos than we may actually need or may be used for your article, this gives us design latitude when laying out the publication.

Next we have to cover an extremely important matter, “Article Deadlines”. First the word “deadline” which means the final necessary day for us to receive your articles so that we may use them in the LOG for the appropriate issue.

This also means that we need final “ready to go” copy and your captioned photos, not “rough copy” that you’re still working on. We never should see any rough copy because with all the articles we have to deal with it can become massively confusing and mistakes will be made. Remember we are volunteers just like you so the deadlines are doubly important. We simply cannot spend a lot of extra hours in all facets of getting the publication out on time and still get the job done right. THANK you in advance for your consideration on this important subject of deadlines.

Okay, what are the deadline dates? The LOG’s deadline dates are similar to any magazine’s deadlines for articles. We are not talking about “advertising deadlines” here because they are a different animal. So here they are the “article deadline dates”:

  • Jan/Feb Issue deadline is Nov 15th
  • Mar/Apr Issue deadline is Jan 15th
  • May/Jun Issue deadline is Mar 15th
  • Jul/Aug Issue deadline is May 15th
  • Sept/Oct Issue deadline is July 15th
  • Nov/Dec Issue deadline is Sept 15th

Remember the LOGs are mailed the last week of the month previous to the issue’s date. For example, the May/June issue is mailed during the last week of April so most people will receive their LOG before May 1st. 

Well, there you have it. All the inside “poop” you’ll need to help us make and keep your LOG “all it can be”. If anyone has any further questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or anyone on the committee and we will be glad to help you help us to keep your LOG going and growing.