Dock Box & Boarding Step Order Form

Dock Box Policy

The club has established standards for slip modification including what type of dock boxes are permitted. These standards are to insure that our docks continue to have a uniform and clean look for years to come. 

The policies set fourth are as follows:

  • Members may not make any modification to the docks.
  • No carpet, hand rails or rub rail can be installed.
  • Dock boxes are not mandatory, but if you want a dock box it must be purchased from the Club at our cost. That cost includes the Club installing the dock box. These dock boxes will be supplied to members by the Club at cost, plus tax, freight, and installation fee.
  • Members can have two dock boxes at their slip, one triangular and one rectangular box.
  • Used dock boxes may be available to purchase from members who no longer require a box. If you have a used box from a member the Club will only charge you an installation fee.

You can choose either a triangular or a rectangular-shaped box. The triangular box, measures 39” on two sides and 54” along the back with a height of 29”. The rectangular box measures 72” long x 26.5” deep x 27” high. You can view both types of boxes by looking at the ones installed on J, K, L M, N or O dock.

The costs of both are as follows:

Model 700 Jumbo Dock Box $750.00   Irving 432 Triangle Dock Box $475.00
Sales Tax $45.00   Sales Tax $28.50
Installation  $75.00   Installation $75.00
Total Cost $870.00   Total Cost $578.50

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The triangle box will be installed at the corner of your dock and the main walkway over the water with a crossbar support. The rectangle box will be installed in front of your slip. If you are interested in having a dock box, please complete the form and return it to the Club office. We will place our order on May 16th, so please have your order in before that date.

Boarding Step Policy

The Club Dock Committee has established standards for a new product being made available to the membership, Boarding Dock Steps
The Boarding Dock Step is attached to the dock with a flip-up step for easy storage when not in use. The step-down distance is adjustable at 5” or 8”. Optional step-up versions are available in 8” or 16” vertical heights. Optional handles are also available. Dock steps can be seen at slip D-25 and D-26.
This durable design made out of 14-gauge coated steel will allow you to safely board & disembark your vessel.
Features include:

  • Adjustable heights (both up & down)
  • 14-gauge steel... powder coated to withstand the elements
  • Fold up steps with fender fasteners
  • Slip resistant steps
  • Slip holders that require a step for easier and safer boarding of their vessel may purchase these from the Club and will include installation.

The cost for this product is as follows;

Basic Step $395.00
Single Step $495.00
Double Step $695.00
Two White Handles $150.00
Placard $50.00
Face Plate $50.00
Installation $75.00

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