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EYC is proud to announce a boat rental program for the members of EYC.   In addition to boats, kayaks and paddle boards are also being offered.

Enjoy a fun day on the water without the hassle that ownership brings.   If you add up ask of the costs of owning a J/22, for example, you can rent one 10 times a season for a very small fraction of what it costs to actually own, moor and insure the boat.   The Captain's Package, for example, is $525 for 10 rentals of your choice throughout the season.   Bottom paint is $300 and insurance is another $300 and the slip is $1,000.  I think you can easily see the value in an affordable rental.   
Extend this rental concept in to the kayak and paddle board offering and smile when you pull up to the Rickloff Building and take a ride on the board or the kayak.   No storage, no loading or unloading the equipment.  Simply show up and take off and enjoy.
Life is too busy to spend your leisure time applying bottom paint or waxing the hull.   Park your car, get on the boat and go have fun!

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